7 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom

When you think about it, you spend a considerable amount of time hanging out in your bathroom.

This is where you get ready, get unready and contemplate life on the throne and all the arguments you lost in the shower.

The bathroom is a sanctuary of sorts, and what better way to treat a sanctuary than by making it look like one. Here are 7 affordable ways to decorate your bathroom and fall in love with it again.

The Deep Clean

Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. Well, maybe my momma, but she's weird. However, I've never seen my parents' bathroom to be dirty, even with three kids growing up and then bringing our own kids into their home. See, the way my momma cleans the bathroom is like this:

  • Bring vinegar, soap, bucket and brush into the bathroom.

  • Shut the door.

  • Pour water on everything - toilet, sink, shower, tiled floor. Everything.

  • Apply cleaning products.

  • Scrub the heck out of it all.

  • Pour water again.

  • Open the door.

  • Let air dry.

She does this every week. My momma likes to clean. Through her, I learned that it's much faster and easier to clean stuff that's already pretty clean. 

If you want a bathroom that looks and feels like a spa, keep it clean. The deep clean is the hardest part, but once you get used to cleaning up every week or so, maintenance is easy.

The Lighting and Ambiance

One super easy change to make in your bathroom is the warmth and coolness of the light bulbs. If you don't have warm white LED bulbs, consider switching out your current bulbs. Warm white light casts a more cozy vibe and helps relax the eyes. Also, LED bulbs use less power, which is nice on the electricity bill.

Some bathrooms come with brighter lights, and this is great for makeup application, but not so much for winding down and chilling out.

If you like candles, they are great for bath time and injecting your home with fragrance. Some candles are so strong, I let them sit in the bathroom and waft through the rest of the apartment. Powerful stuff, and it makes home feel that much more cozy.

Shopping tip: You can find super cheap brand name candles at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Bath and Body Works has a few candle sales throughout the year, so sign up for their email list if you haven't already. They announce the sales to their list first.

Dress Up the Counters

Keeping the clutter away from the countertops can prove to be challenging for some, but try to keep it clear and place only the items you use often on the counters. 

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

This is a cute and simple set that can dress up any bathroom. Put cotton swabs and rounds in glass or plastic jars like this to add a classy touch. Keep the lid closed to minimize contamination while not in use.

Dollar Tree sells these in bulk, so you can use them all over your home, including the kitchen for cute food storage!

Photo is from Dollar Tree. Click to view product.

Photo is from Dollar Tree. Click to view product.

Update Your Shower Curtain

When was the last time you replaced your shower curtain? All sorts of stuff can build up on curtains like hard water stains, mold, mildew, etc. Also, maybe your style and tastes have changed, and now is a great time to invest in a new shower curtain.

I like this one, because it's simple but still adds that spa-like feel without looking like it belongs in a clinic. Plus, it's fabric, so when you do your bathroom cleaning, you can throw it in the wash with the towels to freshen it up.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

The Bath Mat

I know a ton of people who go without having a bath mat. Also, I know many people who have them never wash them (eww). Personally, I hate them, but they look nice and are pretty useful for keeping the floor dry. 

When choosing a bath mat, make sure it's washable to take the stress out of your cleaning time. Just chuck it in with the other bath linens, and you're good to go. These are cheap and have a variety of colors to choose from.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Linens and Things

Bath towels should be replaced every so often. Eventually, they stop being absorbent and just move water around instead of picking it up. If your towels are turning into a color that it wasn't originally and not soaking up water, it's probably time for some new ones.

These are nice, because they come in a set and have lots of color options too. When buying new linens and curtains, try to stick to a color theme to keep the entire bathroom looking put-together. This place is amazing for color inspiration. You'll love it! 

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Bathroom Storage

It can be really tempting to just chuck everything in to the linen closet, shut the door and forget about it. However, we're creating that spa experience, right? Instead of just putting things on the shelf, let's dress 'em up a little bit, shall we?

These wire baskets can be purchased anywhere and painted over to suite your color needs. By simply placing linens and other bits and bobs in bins or baskets, your linen closet will ultimately look ten times more like it belongs in a magazine. Oh yeah. 

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

Photo is from Walmart. Click to view product.

So there you have it. Simple and affordable ways to decorate your bathroom on a budget. With just a few minor changes and maintaining a clean space, you can turn any room into a luxurious retreat. Plus, you save a ton of money too, which we love, of course!

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