School Tools: Laptop or Tablet - Apple iPad 2018 Review

Which is better for school - a laptop or a tablet? A student and creator’s review of the Apple iPad 2018.

School Tools: Laptop or Tablet - Apple iPad 2018 Review

Hello, friends! It’s currently Wednesday afternoon, and I just finished making dinner (a true miracle). Now, I have some time to think about school tomorrow, and while I’m at it, I thought I would share a review of one of my most used school tools - my iPad.

My Laptop Story

I have a laptop… from 2010. It’s still alive and works fine - as long as I don’t unplug it, move it from its spot on my desk, open too many programs or leave it on for too long. Hehe.

A true gem.

It will take something huge for me to part with it. 8 years is a longer than any relationship I’ve been in, so you bet I’m gonna use it until it’s last breath… or click.


I can’t. I just can’t even think about spending that much money on a piece of technology that’s going to be out of date in a year or two.

Why I Bought an iPad

Needless to say, I bought an iPad, because I was going to start school and needed something that won’t die and take all my hard work with it.

I watched a bunch of videos and read a ton of reviews comparing the iPad 2018 and the iPad Pro. They both integrate with the Apple Pencil, which was the driving factor in my decision. I wanted the pencil for its convenience.

Also, I draw a lot, and I wanted to use Procreate.

How to Choose Which iPad to Buy

Okay, so you’re considering an iPad, so here are some things that went through my mind while I was thinking about this purchase:

  • Will it help me in school?

  • How?

  • Can I use the Apple Pencil?

  • Which one is cheaper?

  • What is the memory difference?

  • What is the cost difference?

  • Can I deal with less memory for cheaper price?

  • Is the screen size big enough with the cheaper one?

You may have a different set of questions running through your mind, but this is what I was thinking throughout my visit to Apple. Standing in front of my options and playing with them really helped too.

In the end, I went with the Apple iPad 2018 (6th Gen) 9.7 inch ($329), because it was good enough for me.

Accessories I Use With My iPad

I bought a couple of accessories to use with my iPad to enhance convenience and help me hustle:

School Tools: Laptop or Tablet - Apple iPad 2018 Review

What I Use the iPad For

I use my iPad more than I use my laptop, mostly because I study A LOT. Human Anatomy and Physiology is no joke. NO JOKE.

When I take notes, I sit at my desk with the iPad and run through the textbook, which I have in digital format.

I also use it to take notes in class during lecture and exam review sessions. My dude borrowed my iPad last night to review diagrams and study labels.

You can upload/take a picture of an image you want to label and write in the labels using the Pencil. So easy.

This little ditty keeps track of my school schedule via digital planner (I show you how to make one right here), and I like how I can use GoodNotes on all my Apple devices (phone, laptop, iPad).

Remember how I said I like to draw? I like to draw with Procreate. Cells are fun to recreate, and it helps me learn structures really well.

Also, I play Sudoku and Ruzzle. What can I say - I like words and numbers. Plus, it helps me unwind and stop thinking about school and life for a minute.

What I Can’t Use the iPad For

I can’t do my homework and quizzes, because those are online through McGraw-Hill and require Flash, and it just doesn’t work on the iPad. This is where good ol’ laptop comes in.

She’s so good to me.

On my laptop, I also do all of my editing on Photoshop, because it’s faster for me to use a mouse and keyboard.

School Tools: Laptop or Tablet - Apple iPad 2018 Review

What Apps Do I Use on My iPad

I don’t have too many apps on my iPad, because I’m preserving the space. However, here are some that I do enjoy:

Overall Thoughts on the Apple iPad 2018

If you're on a budget and need something to help you in school, this iPad has more than enough power to do that. There are tons of apps that you can utilize to get you through your courses.

If you need more storage space, you can buy iCloud storage and or use Dropbox. I pay $0.99 a month for 50 GB of extra iCloud Drive storage, and I use this across all my Apple devices.

It’s small enough to put in your purse or backpack without adding too much weight.

Overall, I think that the Apple iPad 2018 6th Gen is a great tool for students of all ages.

So there you have my full review of my iPad. I hope that you found this post useful. Here’s my YouTube video about my iPad if you like that sort of thing.

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School Tools: Laptop or Tablet - Apple iPad 2018 Review