Bullet Journal Ideas for Staying on Track

Do you ever feel like just chucking out your current journal and starting over with a new one or not even at all? I'm guilty of that, and I'm also sharing some bullet journal ideas on staying on track without going insane.


Bullet Journal Basics

If you've just started with your bullet journal or thinking to start one (on the cheap), check out this post, and if you're looking for supplies for your bullet journal, I share some super cute and practical ideas in this post. Looking for weekly spread ideas? Check out this post.

Reasons You're Failing at Bullet Journaling

There are so many reasons you might  be failing at journaling, and by taking a look at what didn't work for you and for other people, you might get a better idea on how to make it work for real.

  • Unexpected changes. This is probably the most common and unavoidable issue with bullet journaling. Bullet journals are normally laid out at the beginning of the month or week. Unexpected changes can throw off your plans and leave you wanting to throw your journal out the window.

  • Complicated layouts. It is super easy to get caught up in beautiful, elaborate layouts, but if it's going to be distracting from your overall goals and way of thinking, maybe stick to simpler layouts. For instance, if you have a journal to help clear your head and organize your thoughts, then keep to basics and help yourself out.

  • Comparison games. You're scrolling through Instagram, and you see all these super awesome designs and then look at yours, thinking why it doesn't look like theirs do. I'm super guilty of this, but I know that it doesn't matter. If my journal is helping me reach my goals, then it's working. Period. If you're inspired by a design, you're more than welcome to recreate it - that's why most people share (at least I think they like to share).

  • Products don't meet your needs. Choosing the right journal and tools can be a completely different kind of adventure. You haven't even started yet, but the options can be very overwhelming. Try planning out beforehand what kind of journal, pens and accessories you'll need to fulfill your planning goals. If possible, go in-store to take a look at papers, sizes and ink types before committing to a purchase.

  • Lack of planning schedule. If you don't plan to plan, then you most likely won't do it. Ideally, you'll want to create a schedule where you can sit down and spend time planning out your day/week/month. Whatever works for you, do it, but just be sure to actively put time aside for it.

  • It's just not working out. Sometimes, bullet journaling won't really help you. That's okay. It is not for everyone. There are so many kinds of journaling, and while you can make bullet journaling your own, there are other planners out there that have more structure (Erin Condren and Happy Planners).

Recommendations for Staying on Track with Bullet Journaling

By testing out different methods on my own and reading about what does and does not work for other people, I've put together some awesome recommendations on top of the ones given above for staying on track with planning.

  • Plan out your plan. Before dropping any amount of money on supplies, do your research on the different types of planning. Bullet journaling requires setting up your own layout, but there are others out there that have journals that lay everything out for you. Those planners can be pricey or affordable, depending on where you shop. For instance, Erin Condren planners go for around $60+ and planners you can find at Michael's or Target can go for around $15+.

  • Get inspired. There is an enormous bullet journal community on social media, so if you're looking for some inspiration, pop onto Instagram and do a search for #bulletjournal. You will be flooded with inspiration. Collect some of your favorite styles and use them as inspiration to make your journal even more successful.

  • Use coupons when you shop. This is a huge thing for me. Planner supplies can get really expensive. If you haven't checked out my post on how to start a bullet journal on a tight budget, please do have a look here.

If you don't use Ebates to shop, you're missing out on getting CASH BACK on your purchases. I've gotten over $300 cash back from just shopping through the app. It's totally free to use too!

Amazing Bullet Journal Creators

I adore doing these types of shoutouts, and I hope you like seeing them! I'm sharing some amazing bullet journal accounts and creators that create gorgeous, inspirational layouts. Get inspired!

  • The Petite Planner - Erin creates some of the most stunning designs. They are simple and so elegant.

The Petite Planner by Erin. Click to view her Instagram and gorgeous pastel designs.

The Petite Planner by Erin. Click to view her Instagram and gorgeous pastel designs.

  • colorfulblackrose creates minimalist, black and white designs that I love. I'm all about the minimalism!

Colorful Black Rose. Click for Instagram account and more minimalist layouts!

Colorful Black Rose. Click for Instagram account and more minimalist layouts!

  • the.whimsical.journal creates pure art. That's all I can say - wow!

the.whimsical.journal - Click to view Instagram and more gorgeous artwork!

the.whimsical.journal - Click to view Instagram and more gorgeous artwork!

  • frai.oh - Francesca integrates a minimalist style with pops of color. Divine!

frai.oh - Click to view her Instagram and minimalist designs!

frai.oh - Click to view her Instagram and minimalist designs!

Feeling inspired? I am too! I hope you enjoyed this post about bullet journal ideas and staying on track with planning. Please share this post, as every share helps so much!