Cheap and Easy DIY Stationery Organizers

Are all of your stationery supplies taking over your desk? Check out these super cheap and easy DIY stationery organizers that'll inspire your inner crafty genius!


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Stationery supplies can turn your desk and home/office into a cluttered mess. If you have the right organization tools, suited to your storage styles, this makes life a little easier - and you lose your favorite pen a little less often.

Storing Stationery Supplies at Work

Some of us don't have the luxury of decorative freedom at work (sad face). I store all of my pens in a clear acrylic cup that I bought at the container store. I can see all the colors easily, and I store them upside down to "keep the ink flowing towards the tip."

Whether or not that actually helps, we shall never know.

If you have more creative freedom, you might find these options to DIY your storage a budget-friendly option to storing your supplies at work. 

I personally don't like to bring expensive things to work, in the event that someone decides they want to take it home with them. You just never know, ya know?

Cheap Materials for DIY Stationery Organizers

The DIY projects I've chosen to feature in this post can be easily recreated with items purchased at your local craft, supply or hardware store. 

Depending on your budget, you might prefer checking out the dollar store in your area. Dollar Tree always has great supplies that can be used as is or to create projects like these. 

A lot of these projects use things like cardboard, foam board and hot glue, which you might already have at home. 

The key to organization is creativity, so let's get creating!

Cheap and Easy DIY Stationery Organizers

A while back, I created this rotating stand that I used for makeup. It's really cute and easy to put together. You can store all sorts of things on it including washi tape rolls, pens, sticker boxes and other little things for planning. 

Christina from My Life in a Bullet is one of my favorite Bullet Journalists. She created this pen organizer so easily, and I was definitely inspired to make my own!

SaltyDIY created this Drawer Organizer with Sliding Trays! It's made out of cheaper materials and looks really easy to recreate. If you like storing your supplies in a desk, definitely check out this tutorial.

Kikomoda built this awesome drawer organizer, and the video details are amazing. I love the way these types of videos are shot, so I hope you are as inspired as I am!

Natasha created this $1 organizer out of foam board. The things you can do with foam board and card board will blow your mind. If you're on a tight budget, definitely think about this storage option.

Arte y Salud en Casa made this rotating organizer that just... wow! This is a definite must-watch, and it's currently on my list of projects to attempt. 

I hope you've enjoyed watching these DIY stationery organizers and are now inspired to create your own!

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