14 Companies Hiring Work From Home Jobs

In 2018, we're here to start new adventures, and if we can work from home to make more time for other things - I'm totally on that bandwagon.

While there are so many places hiring work from home and remote jobs, finding them can kind of be tough. Today, I'm sharing 14 companies hiring work from home jobs right now (and probably often). 

From IT, Management, Education, Customer Support and Healthcare, remote jobs are all over the place, all over the world. Business are finally starting to see the value in remote job opportunities. It costs them less money on overhead and staffing expenses, meaning they can spend that on other areas of business.

How to Find Work from Home Jobs

You gotta know where to look, but you can pretty much go to a corporate company's career website and search for Remote, Telecommute or Work from Home.

FlexJobs is a job board that has a directory of thousands of work from home, remote and flexible job opportunities. It's what they do, and they're good at it. Access to the job board is not free, because they want only serious applicants. You need to pay your way in, but it's a fair price to pay.

What You Need to Work from Home

Not anyone can work from home. It takes a good amount of discipline to be able to pull yourself out of bed and get to work, especially if you don't really have to "be" anywhere except your home office. You will also need:

  • Computer access. Most, if not all, work from home and remote jobs require a home computer with high-speed internet access.

  • Internet. Many also require a direct connection to the ethernet port in the wall (no wi-fi), because it's faster and more secure.

  • Office space. This is where you will be working, so it needs to be quiet and shut out from the rest of your home environment. You'll probably need a door that you can close while you work, especially if you'll be on the phone talking to customers and clients.

Who Are Remote Jobs For?

If you can stick to a schedule without anyone to hold you accountable, then working from home can be for you. Remote jobs require a lot of dedication, because you're working at home on your own time, doing your own thing. 

If you need a strict schedule to keep you on track, be sure to create one for yourself and stick to it. Pretend that you aren't at home if you have to. Set strict work times and breaks, and you will do well.

My best recommendations for working from home is to really get into work mode like you would a regular commuting job. Get up, get ready, have breakfast, and sit down to do work. Take a lunch break, and get back to work until the end of your work day. Stick to this, and you will do just fine. Don't forget to keep up with your co-workers to inject some socialization into your workday.

Now here's the list!

Companies Hiring Work from Home Jobs

So there you have it - happy job hunting! Stay tuned for my best resume tips to nab that coveted job!

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