DIY LED Ring Light

For years, I have relied on artificial lighting for my portraits and photos, and this DIY ring light I made is so helpful.

Since I made the tutorial for this light ages ago, I wanted to update the tutorial and links (some are no longer available). If you're ready, I'll show you how I made my ring light, and yes, it's still standing strong today. I also made an LED Light Panel for another space-saving lighting solution!

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This Ring Light is great if you don't want to spend a ton of money on good lighting. Ring Lights can be expensive, and I figured why not just make it instead. Bonus: the ring light doesn't heat up much, which is nice for long filming sessions.

Materials You'll Need:

  • 14" Wood Hoop ($6.84) for embroidery (with 2 hoops, one larger and one smaller with a clamp to attach them together) like this

  • 14" Wide Wood Floral Base ($6.29) like this

  • LED Strip Lights ($9.99) Cool White (5000K), 16.4 ft. like this

  • DC Adapter ($9.85) for LED Strip Lights (12V for US) like this

  • Mod Podge ($6.99) like this (matte finish would be better than the gloss I used)

  • Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver Spray Paint ($4.15 or $3.86) like this 0r this

  • Sponge Brush ($4.13) like this

  • Hot Shoe Mount ($5.50) like this

  • Wooden Block (???) check your local craft store or dollar store. I used a toy block that was just lying around.


  • Round Mirror ($3.89) like this

If you want to create a Ring Light Mirror (great for putting on makeup!), you can glue a round mirror on the inside of the wood hoop. The lights will reflect off the mirror and light up your face evenly for stellar makeup application. 


  • Drill with 1/4" bit

  • Saw

  • Extension cord - the DC Adapter for the LED light is rather short

 The Tutorial

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