DIY Notebook for Studying and Taking Notes Plus a Video Tutorial

If you’re looking for a tutorial on creating cute notebooks for studying and taking notes, then look no further!

DIY Notebook for Studying and Taking Notes

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Why You Should Make Your Own Notebooks

When I shop for notebooks, I’m usually super intrigued by the covers. They have amazing inspirational quotes on some and gorgeous prints on others.

However, the paper quality is almost always disappointing.

I like my notebooks to be able to handle my heavy-handed writing without ink bleeding through. The paper I choose helps quite a bit. It’s thicker, brighter, and much smoother than most notebooks I’ve found.

Another reason to make your own notebooks allows you to personalize your stationery. I like to choose bright colors and fun prints topped off with glitter washi tapes!

What You’ll Need to Make a Notebook for Studying and Taking Notes:

DIY Notebook for Studying and Taking Notes

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Materials You'll Need:

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on creating notebooks for studying and notetaking, and if you do create a personalized notebook, tag us on Instagram!


Create a Notebook for Studying and Taking Notes