10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

While there are hundreds of ways to make money online, today, I'm sharing 10 easy ways, and you can start today.

Ranging from no experience to expert, you can definitely find something that resonates with your skills here. 

Making money online while sitting at home in your pajamas sounds pretty tempting, doesn't it? Maybe you're tired of your corporate job or just want a change of pace, and maybe you want a little of both.

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How can you make money online?

To make money online, you'll need an internet connect and access to a computer. It is much easier working from a computer, but some people do well on their phones or tablets. Really, it depends on what you're most comfortable with. You might want to invest in an extra monitor, keyboard and mouse if you're working off a laptop. Again, up to you.

Most payments that go through online require you to have a PayPal account or provide your bank information. Depending on the source, make sure you trust them before handing over that information.

There are many ways to make money online that offer flexible schedules, but there are also some that expect you to work during normal business hours. Schedules are great, because they keep you on track. If you don't have a set schedule, make sure you dedicate a work space to keep you in work mode. The lazy doth not make any moneys.

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Sell Photos - If you have a camera or are really skilled with your phone, you can take photos for stock photography sites like Shutterstock and Getty Images. Depending on their requirements, you might be limited to selling your photos exclusively to them (or not). You might not make much per photo, but if you keep at it, the potential to collectively make a decent income can be quite inspiring.

Write an E-book - You might scoff, but creating an e-book has become so simple now. Kindle makes it really easy to publish your content on their platform. All you need is an idea, an outline and some time set aside for writing and publishing. People have made thousands from e-books about blogging, backpacking and camping. I know you've got some ideas brewing around, enough to fill a book?

Even short e-books can sell really well. Bonus option: Sell e-books that you didn't write. There is a market for this! Consider it a form of affiliate marketing where you promote other people's work.

Transcribe - Transcription is big thing these days, especially with closed-captioning advocates working towards getting more media captioned. Places like 3-Play Media pay you to transcribe audio and video as an independent contractor.

You can work whenever you want and sign up for the jobs that you want. If you type fast and have good hearing, you could do really well in transcription. 

Create Courses - Is there a topic or a skill that you know a lot about? If so, you could create a course teaching other people about it. Sites like Udemy and Teachable make it super easy to put videos and slides together into a program that you can sell. This is perfect for those that don't really want to stay on top of something every day.

You can create the course, set it and let it be. Marketing would be essential to get people to find out about your course, but that can also be automated. If you don't know much about creating courses, Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur is the master of course creation. If you're looking to go this route, definitely check out her site.

Open Up Shop - Are you creative or know where to get craft supplies that you can sell? You can open up a shop on Etsy easily, and there are other places to sell on line like Shopify and Zazzle. Depending on what you want to sell, there is a platform to host your products and help you get your items out there.

Etsy is perfect for anything handmade and supplies for handmade items. Shopify and Zazzle are more diverse in their market. If you have a creative streak, check out these platforms.

FlexJobs - There is a site that is essentially a job board for more flexible working opportunities. From remote jobs to flexible schedules, FlexJobs works with well-known corporate organizations to hire remotely. You need a membership to get in to see the job board, but they only want people who are serious about these opportunities to have access to them.

Sell Your Stuff - Want to simplify your life and embrace a bit of minimalism? Sell the stuff you don't want or need anymore. It's a great way to scale down as well as make some extra cash. Ebay and Depop are popular platforms where people sell their new/used items. Promoting through social media is also a great way to bring your shop in front of an audience.

Consulting - Do your friends and family (maybe even colleagues) ask for advice about a certain topic? If yes, you could be a consultant. If you have a really great financial strategy or changed your life around in some way, people want to know how to do this. People want to know how to make their lives better. If you're even just a few steps ahead of someone, you can help them!

If you've got answers, let 'em know! A great way to draw people in to your expertise is to write about it, which takes me to blogging and/or establishing your network on social media.

Start a Blog - My blogging mentor made $29,903.62 in January 2018. Check out the fully detailed income report here. Blogging can be a real (really real) source of income. Check out my review of The Billionaire Blog Club, which is exactly what it sounds like. Our journey to collectively earn $1+ Billion in revenue.

You can start a blog at any time with any level of skill, but if you start it the right way, it doesn't matte where you are - only where you want to go and how you'll get there. So blogging can make you some money, or it can make you a lot of money.

Affiliate Marketing - Check out my full post about affiliate marketing and how I made $358.40 and then some in 30 days. This is where people/companies pay you to promote their products for them. You usually get paid a certain percentage of the sales cost. Affiliate marketing is pretty easy to do, especially if you blog, but you can also do it successfully by utilizing social media and other marketing promotional tactics.

If you're great at talking about how great other people's products are, then you could do really well with affiliate marketing.

Blogs that do well with this type of marketing are usually DIY blogs (selling supplies that they use for their projects) and Reviewers (promoting products they've tried). You can either approach companies about products that you've used/want to use and review, and they might have an affiliate program for you to join.

So there you have 10 ways to make money online. You can start any of these as soon as right now, and most of them don't require much up-front costs.

Some Things to Remember

You have skills and talents that are worth money. People will pay to learn from you. Deliver what you promise, and you will do well. Just put your head down and go for it.

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