How to Grow Hair Fast Without Doing Much

According to many sources on the interwebs, hair grows approximately 6 inches per year, more or less, depending on many variables.

If you want to know how to grow hair fast and prevent breakage, then this is for you.

Drink Water

Since a majority of our body is made up of water, it only makes sense to ensure that our water intake matches what our body needs. Drinking more water can help with a ton of things, including softer, smoother hair, skin and nails. 

If you want your hair to grow, make sure you start from the very basic thing - give your body water to distribute. When the body lacks water, everything else dries up and gets really brittle and cracks. Cracked skin is no fun, and hair can suffer from the same thing even if we can't see it.

Brushing and Combing Technique

To promote hair growth, you want to be sure that you aren't being rough on your hair. With rushed brushing and combing, hair can be prone to damage and breakage.

When brushing your hair, make sure your hair is completely dry or use a wet brush. Use gentle strokes and carefully brush out tangles instead of forcing the brush through. Detangler sprays are really helpful in reducing hair tangles.

Brushing your hair regularly helps with turning over hair that has been shed. Hair falling out is just something we have to deal with, because the scalp generally sheds hair to make room for hair coming in. Brushing your hair also helps distribute natural oils through the strands, adding to its strength and shine.

Shampoo and Conditioner Choices

There are so many to choose from, and regardless of what brand you choose, try to opt for a formula that most closely matches your hair concerns. If you have a dry, flaky scalp, Head and Shoulders has a bunch of options. For oily hair that's prone to product build up, this shampoo by The Body Shop is really clarifying.

Conditioners seem like something you can do without, but when you have hair that's prone to breakage, using a good conditioner can lessen the chances of hair damage. Conditioners coat hair strands, and while some can weigh down fine hair, using even just a little bit can improve the texture and strength of your hair throughout the day.

Vitamins and Supplements

For hair, skin and nails, Biotin is a fairly common supplement that promotes hair growth. I've used Biotin in the past and saw good results. I like that it helps not only my hair look healthier and strong, but my skin and nails (which are pretty dry and brittle) look and feel better too.

I recommend speaking with your physician about vitamins and supplements compatible with your current health and needs. Since they know your history, they can point you in the direction of supplements that will work with you and your body.


Using Natural Products

Natural oils can stimulate the hair follicles and encourage hair growth. When used in combination with scalp massage, hair is nourished from root to tip. My favorite natural products are aloe vera, grapeseed oil and avocado oil. 

Adding essential oils into your hair massage serum can really amp up the power and encourage hair growth. My favorites are lavender and peppermint. Rosemary and Sage work well in combination with these oils too.

Hair Growth Serum Recipe

Add to bottle and gently mix (roll bottle around in your hand) to combine the oils.

Apply 1-2 droppers full to palm.

Rub hands together and gently rake fingers through entire scalp.

Massage serum into scalp for 5-10 minutes. Leave on for 30 minutes to overnight.

Shampoo and condition normally.

Scalp massages are a nice treat to give and receive. If you've got a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, whoever, maybe you can strike up a deal and exchange scalp massages. 

So there you have some really easy ways to grow hair and stimulate those healthy, luscious locks. 

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