How to Study for Exams and Get Good Grades

Exam season is (always) here, depending on your school terms, and I’m talking about how to study for exams and get good grades in your classes.

How to Study for Exams and Get Good Grades

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Get in the Right Mind Space

It’s June. Exams are quick to arrive during summer sessions, and I have already completed one of mine. I have a pretty good routine going, so I want to share with you how I study and still find time to enjoy the special things in life - family, sleep, and food.

But we gotta study first.

Make a list. Yes, a list. Lists are great, even if you’re not a list person. Set aside a red pen so that you can cross off/check off things as you complete them - the best part.

Some things to include in your list:

  • Exam Subject - Exam Date - # of Chapters - Time left to study

  • Repeat for next subject.

  • Meals to prep for study days

  • Planned study dates with classmates and friends

  • Leisure time - Movies, dates, picnic at the park, nap time (very important).

You can probably tell that the most crucial part of the list are the top two items. Everything else is subjective to you and your preferences.

I recommend breaking down the exam details like this, because you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into: how much time you have for what you need to study.

Once you have created your list, you should set a start date and time for when you plan on tackling your study sessions.

Study Planners to Keep You on Track

If you don’t already use them, study planners can be great tools to keep your exam details organized. You can plan out your week on one page and knock out the material one by one.

How to Study for Exams and Get Good Grades

Study Tools That Help You Retain Information

I am a writer. I like to write things down, and this helps me store it away in my memory for later. By writing things down, you’re making your brain work three times.

You’re reading the information, your hands are writing it down, and you’re reading it again as you write it down.

The simple act of writing things down can help tremendously, because how do you take most tests? You read the question and write the answer.

If you can master your brain’s way of connection the question to the correct answer, then you will be maximizing your study efforts.

Some tools I like to use:

Some places to buy pens for studying:

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How to Study for Exams and Get Good Grades

Review Past Exams and Study Notes

If you can remember something forever after seeing it once, I envy you so much. I am not that way. I need to see something a few times before I can really understand it.

That’s the key to getting good grades - understanding it and being able to explain it. If you can explain something to someone else, then you probably know it pretty well.

I like to review my past exams as well as the chapter exams, assignments and notes that I’ve completed throughout the term. This way, I am refreshing my memory to prepare for upcoming exams. This is especially helpful when your final exams are cumulative.

Curse those cumulative exams!

Check Out Other Students and Creatives Online

I follow a few Study-tubers, Study-grammers, bujo enthusiasts and straight up artists. They really keep me inspired!

Sometimes, it’s the small things that you don’t even think about that inject the desire to want to do your best in school.

For me, I like to see people studying, sharing, succeeding. I’m all about everybody winning.

Some of my favorites:

Self-Care is Important

We all want to succeed and get good grades. However, don’t forget that your brain and energy need to recharge. Practice good self-care when you feel like you need it, and you’ll probably need it often.

School is stressful, and we all have other things going on in our lives outside of school. It is possible to get good grades and still take care of yourself.

You can do this.

So there you have my super student tips on how to study for exams and get good grades. I hope you find this useful, and please do check out my other posts!

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How to Study for Exams and Get Good Grades