How to be a Successful Beauty Blogger

Is it possible to be a successful beauty blogger if you start blogging today? Of course it is. 

How to be a Successful Beauty Blogger

What is Beauty Blogging?

Beauty blogging is writing about beauty stuff. Doesn't matter if it's drugstore, high-end, specific to a skin type or whatever. If you are writing about beauty stuff, it can be considered beauty blogging. 

Most beauty bloggers write product reviews of makeup, skincare, hair care, nails, and other topics. You don't have to pick one topic. It's very common for beauty blogs to encompass more than one topic. 

When I had a beauty blog, I wrote about makeup, skincare and nails most of the time. I also wrote a ton of product reviews, because I enjoyed trying out new products and sharing my thoughts with others.

If you like testing new things and sharing your thoughts, you might really enjoy reviewing products.

How to Get into Beauty Blogging?

If you don't have a blog yet or want to make some changes to your current one, check out my Free Blogging Bootcamp. It's 5 days from blog idea to launched, loaded and ready to go. 

I share my best strategies and resources for blogging, because I want everyone to be able to get in the blogging journey. It's such a wonderful thing to be a part of. 

Things you'll need to get started:

  • Ideas - take inspiration, but don't copy, from some of your favorite bloggers

  • Camera/Phone for taking product photos

  • Computer for publishing your blog

  • Blog host and platform - check out my 5 Day Easy Blogging Bootcamp for the ultimate strategies on getting set up properly

  • Stuff to review (TIP: Start with the stuff you've been using already to limit spending in the beginning.)

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How to be a Successful Beauty Blogger

When I started beauty blogging seriously in 2013, there was a lot to learn, and I'll share some of these lessons with you, because you need to hear them.

Don't compare yourself to anyone else.

Yes, you want to be successful like that other blogger, but keep in mind that blogger worked extremely hard to get to where they are today. 

Bloggers spend countless hours thinking of ideas, writing up content, taking photos, editing those photos and promoting their content. If you want what they've got, put in the work, and you'll get it.

You can make money from your blog.

Beauty blogging is one of the easiest niches to monetize. Everyone is always looking for beauty tips and product reviews. Know your market (the people who read and gravitate towards your blog and give them the content that they want). 

If you see that they like your foundation reviews, give them more. Give them what they want, and they'll keep coming back. Pageviews = ad revenue.

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Invest in yourself and blogging courses.

I wouldn't be where I am with my blog today, if I hadn't taken a chance to invest in myself. I continue to invest in myself and in my blog, because I believe in what I can do with it. 

There are so many free as well as paid options - you'll invest your time mostly, and that's where you'll find value.

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Take big, well-lit photos.

Taken using my DIY Budget Lighting Setup

Taken using my DIY Budget Lighting Setup

A lot of beauty blogging is about the eyes - what you show people and what they see. Think about when you're makeup shopping. You gravitate towards the pretty things and the things that make you (or the model on the ad) look and feel pretty. 

People will see your photos and make judgements about your blog. Make the impressions count. 

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Write complete reviews.

I see many blogs who post maybe 3 paragraphs about a product, throw a photo in there and say done. I click away from those blogs, but that's personal preference.

What isn't personal preference is how that affects how your blog comes up in Google searches. Google likes content, so write as much as you can. I share an SEO (search engine optimization) cheat sheet in my 5 Day Easy Blogging Bootcamp, if you're interested.

Showcase the products.

Back in my beauty blogging days.

Back in my beauty blogging days.

If possible, show yourself wearing the products you're reviewing or create a little tutorial on how to use it/how you like to use it. People like to know how something is/can be used.

Lastly, be genuine.

The last thing you want to do in blogging and in life is to compromise yourself. Be kind, be honest, and share other people's work, because it's a nice thing to do. 

So there you have my tips on How to Be a Successful Beauty Blogger. I hope you have found this post helpful in your blogging journey. Don't forget to grab all the free resources and knowledge to help get you on your way to building up your beauty blog!

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