Pen Review: Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter

Full review of the Zebra Mildliner

Pen Review: Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter

What Are the Zebra Mildliners

They are markers with dual ends, meaning one end has a bold tip and the other end has a finer tip.

For all intents and purposes, they are considered highlighters. The color range is meant to be mild instead of the blinding fluorescent shades of typical highlighters.

Many people find that more muted colors are less distracting and easier on the eyes when reviewing material.

Zebra Says…

Simplify. Organize. Create.
Zebra’s Mildliner features a unique mild color that shows up softly on paper and a broad and fine point tip for all hand lettering and marking applications. Whether you are using the Mildliner for your bullet journal, planner, hand lettering or studying for your next exam, it will help you express yourself in a unique way!

Double ended featuring bullet and chisel tip
Ideal for hand lettering and creative applications
Mild water resistant ink is translucent and excellent for layering
Doesn’t bleed through
Acid Free, Archival Quality
AP certified non-toxic
— Zebra Pen Website

My Thoughts

When I first saw the Zebra Mildliners on studygram accounts on Instagram, I was drawn to their look. White, sleek pens that look really pretty on your desk or next to a gorgeously written set of notes.

I read a bunch of reviews before dropping $18 on a set of 15 Mildliners from my favorite pen store.

Upon swatching them, I could see the appeal. The colors were pretty and somewhat matched the color of the pen - they were a little deeper, but not by too much.

Zebra claims that the ink doesn’t bleed and layers easily. However, I have found that this depends on the type of paper you are using.

If you are using thinner sheets of paper, the ink may show through to the back. Also, if you need to add another layer on top, it is best to completely match the previous line, because the second layer will show up darker.

See the 3rd photo in the swatch photos below. The dark pink shade is an example of layering that does not match up to the previous line.

I have heard claims of the Mildliners not smearing when highlighting over ballpoint pens and gel pens, but I found that they equally smear most pens (see swatches below), even fast-drying thin pens like the Pentel EnerGel pens, which I also have a review posted.

It’s not problematic for me, but if it bothers you, I recommend waiting a while for the ink to dry before highlighting.

Zebra Mildliner Swatches

I adore swatching pens, so hopefully, you also find these swatches satisfying and useful.

Pen Review: Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter
Pen Review: Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter
Pen Review: Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter

Where to Buy

I have purchased many of my pens from Jet Pens. They are a Japanese pen and stationery store with a huge selection of items (try not to buy everything).

Their service is great, and shipping is pretty quick. This is what I ordered:

Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - Fine / Bold - 15 Color Bundle ($18)

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Pen Review- Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter