Starting Pre-Nursing First Semester - Summer Session Update

Welcome to my first semester trying to get into nursing school. 

Starting Pre-Nursing First Semester is a Summer Session - UPDATE 1

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I made an attempt in Fall 2018, but due to life happening, I had to put that on hold until I was ready again. 

Now, I’m back at it again.

Summer time is when everyone likes to just relax and declutter their brains, but not I.

Nope. What is this…relaxing thing?

I signed up for 3 courses this summer at my community college, and I am already 3 weeks in with 1 exam down. 

Using Summer Sessions for Prerequisites

Summer classes are more fast-paced than classes during the fall and spring semesters, so I like to take as many as I can, especially if the courses are already familiar to me. 

If you don’t like fast-paced classes, I don’t recommend taking summer or inter-session courses. They really cram an entire semester into 4-10 weeks of school, depending on the course.

For 10 weeks, I’ll be taking Human Anatomy and Physiology I lecture.

During the last 5 weeks of summer (overlapping with Human AP I), I will have Lifespan Growth and Development and General Chemistry. 

That’s 9 credits over the summer that I’ll get to knock out.

I’ll also be working full-time, doing mom stuff and trying to enjoy the little free time I have left. 

Pursuing the ADN or BSN Program?

This question comes up a lot in the pre-nursing student world. You actually have the option of choosing between getting an Associates or Bachelors in Nursing. 

Both allow you to take the NCLEX after completing your requirements, and both allow you to work as an RN, given you’ve passed the NCLEX. The type of healthcare system and positions open to you will vary based on which one you choose.

Depending on your career goals and life circumstances at the moment, the option that is the best for you will most likely present itself. Some of the articles I read that helped me get through the thinking process are:

I have been going back and forth between the two, and I have decided that the BSN route will probably be the most efficient but expensive path for this journey. There are a ton more courses I’ll need to take compared to the ADN program.

I planned out my course schedule, because I like to know what kind of craziness lies ahead. I feel a lot better now that I have all my requirements down on paper. 

I am happy to share it with you, if you are interested in seeing what my plan looks like.

Starting Pre-Nursing First Semester is a Summer Session - UPDATE 1

The program I am trying to get into is an accelerated online BSN program that has clinic integrated with a few hospitals in my city. All the courses I have listed here are considered prerequisites into the upper division program.

Given that it’s a BSN program, there are A LOT of prerequisites that have absolutely nothing to do with nursing or even science. 

Classes like math, history, government, writing - I have to go through them all, even though I already have Bachelors and Masters degrees. 

I haven’t had an official transcript evaluation, because you can’t get one from the school unless you’ve applied already. I don’t plan on applying until I finish my basic prerequisites like Human AP 1 and 2, Microbiology, Chemistry and Lifespan Growth. 

According to my plan, I should be applying in December 2019/January 2020 for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Summer Session 2019 Update

I decided on doing updates like this mostly for myself and my memories, but also for anyone else who’s interested. 

I am very happy to take you along with me. And yes, this is really what I look like when I’m at my desk (minus the camera remote in my hand that allows me to sneakily take these kind of photos), haha!

Starting Pre-Nursing First Semester is a Summer Session - UPDATE 1

On June 14, I had my first AP 1 exam for the summer, and it covered 4 chapters (1-4). My professor requires readings, discussions, homework and chapter tests to be completed prior to the exam. He also provided an exam review a week before the exam to help in our studies. 

I went to my campus to take the proctored exam, and I went in having only done the readings, homework, chapter exams and discussions. 

Now, I know how to study for the future exams - totally going to ignore that exam review that he gave us. 

All of the questions came from the homework and chapter tests. Some were word for word and still fresh in my memory. 

I have an exam this week covering 4 more chapters (5-8). I’ve done all the homework, and I’ll be using the chapter tests as my reviews as well as writing my notes from the readings, since I like to do them separately. 

I have a blog post about studying for exams that you can check out here.

Writing Notes Helps with Memory Recall

For me, writing helps me commit things to memory. I am able to see what I’m writing as I’m writing, feel it with my hands and see it when it’s complete. 

This has really helped me remember so much more than if I just read or typed things out. 

I also really find note-taking to be therapeutic and relaxing. I’m off to bed, because I have a full week of work ahead. Yay #adultlife!

So there you have my first update on my pre-nursing journey. If you like social media, I’m on Instagram. 

Until the next update…


Starting Pre-Nursing First Semester is a Summer Session - UPDATE 1