A Student Gift Guide: What to Get for Students

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re looking around for a student gift guide, I have a great one for you.

A Student Gift Guide: What to Get for Students

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As a student and parent of a student, I’ve put together this student gift guide with fun practicality in mind. These are items I have found useful in my academic journey (all 500 years of it), as well as items I believe would have been useful in helping me get those grades (and moods) up.

What Students Want for Gifts

You and I both don’t want to waste our money on something that will go unused. That’s no fun. In order to avoid that, let’s take a look at what students these days are looking for.

  • Convenience. Students like to get things done as fast as possible, so they can do other things that are more important - like sleeping or eating.

  • Pretty! If you have seen Instagram study accounts, students have an amazing talent. They can make pens and paper look like works of art.

  • New and Cool. Techie students are always looking for new gadgets to help get them through the school days and nights. If you have a clinical student in your life, you know they dream of those super fancy med tools.

  • Simple. Some students like to keep it simple. Sometimes, a simple gift card to their favorite supply store or restaurant means more to them than anything else.

What Gifts to Get for Students

Stationery items from Target.

Stationery items from Target.

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Considering those things above, you now have an idea of where you want to go with this gift-giving business.

These gifts can’t go wrong, because they’ll get used and/or save the student money (which always makes them breathe a little easier).

Gift Cards. We’re starting off really simple here. This offers the most convenience without handing straight cash to someone (even though that’s also much appreciated).

Food. A subscription to Hello Fresh ($10 cash back with Ebates) or Blue Apron ($20 cash back with Ebates) is a great gift for students who have access to a kitchen. Simple, easy meals to keep them away from the junk food (at least for a day or two).

Stationery. Paper and pens are always needed by students. Personalized items add a nice touch - an engraved pen will be kept for a long time. Etsy shops have beautiful custom stationery available for any occasion.

Don’t forget simple things like office supplies - paper clips, washi tape, etc. They’re simple but also very useful.

These ideas are also great for people who like to keep a journal or planner.

Here are some of my favorite pens and markers as well as stationery ideas:

Pens and markers from JetPens.

Pens and markers from JetPens.

Gadgets. You can’t get away with not utilizing technology in school. It will be really hard to get things done in an efficient manner.

The Apple iPad 2018 costs less than a laptop but can do just about anything necessary for school. I use one, and it’s fantastic. Check out my full review and what tools and apps I use with it.

iPad, Apple Pencil and Logitech keyboard from Apple.

iPad, Apple Pencil and Logitech keyboard from Apple.

Clinical Tools. Nursing students need a stethoscope eventually as well as pen lights and things that will help them adjust to different shifts.

The Sunrise Alarm Clock acts as a “sun” and depending on the time you set it, it will “rise and set” in your room. This allows your body to adjust to “day time” even though it is night time outside.

Power Bank. Show me a student who isn’t on their phone every minute of the day. A power bank will come in handy during long days in class or when they’re working shifts at the hospital.

Headphones. Whenever I’m on campus, EVERYONE has a pair of headphones on. Maybe it has something to do with not wanting to socialize so early in the morning or drowning out all thoughts before an exam, but if your student looks like they’d enjoy a pair, I can say it’s an investment worth thinking about.

Where to Find Gifts for Students

It’s still November when this post is going out, so you still have some time to find gifts for students. Don’t wait too long, because shipping times will get longer as it gets closer to the holidays.

Online is the most convenient place to find all things gift-like for your students. Some of my favorite shops are:

  • Etsy - for anything personalized and “cutesy”

  • Apple - iPad and accessories should be purchased directly from them (warranties and all)

  • JetPens - great place to find Japanese brand pens and stationery

  • Muji - another great place for simple pens and stationery (again, check shipping times)

  • Amazon - if you have Prime, use those perks! You can find just about anything on Amazon

In-Store is ideal if you want to see things before buying them. Many stores also have great deals closer to the holiday, and then there’s Black Friday. Don’t forget!

  • Best Buy - for anything electronic for your techie student

  • Target - an all purpose shopping experience. Get something for your student and yourself.

  • Walmart - find a huge selection of pens as well as everything else - home decor for students is cheap here.

  • Michaels - I have found some gorgeous stationery items like planners, papers and pens here - and they always have good coupons.

No matter what you get your student, I’m sure they’ll be appreciate that you’ve thought about helping them get through their education - sometimes, it’s all we need.

I hope you found this student gift guide helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your shopping during this holiday season. Stay warm!

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A Student Gift Guide: What to Get for Students