Study With Me Video Library + Tips on Making Your Own Videos

Study With Me Video Library PLUS Tips on Making Study Videos

Hello, study friends! If you’re feeling the need for a study buddy to get your motivation and productivity going, I’m sharing my Study With Me Video Library.

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What Is a Study With Me Video

Study With Me videos are a thing! It’s when I share a recording of my study session. You can play the video, and it’ll be like you and I are studying together.

When I first found out about the Studygram community, I realized that these videos are very helpful to students.

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You have that feeling of “I’m studying with someone, so I’m going to feel very motivated to be productive today.”

It might be weird at first, but just like everything new, you get used to it, and it becomes comfortable and natural.

How I Film My Study With Me Videos

I film my videos with me at my desk. The camera is pointing mostly at what I’m studying with me not usually visible. However, I will peep in every now and then, because I forget there’s a camera there, ha!

Is it weird to film myself?

Nope. I’ve had a Youtube channel since 2013, so being in front of my camera is not uncomfortable for me. If someone else is around, then yeah, it’s hella weird, haha!

What You Need to Film Study With Me Videos

If you want to start filming study with me videos, I encourage you to! It’s not difficult, and you don’t need many tools.

What I Use:

  • Camera - I use a Nikon D3200 with a NIKKOR 35 mm 1:1.8G Lens (purchased in 2013)

  • Lighting (use daylight from a window or this Budget Lighting that I use)

  • iMovie for editing

  • Work station - My desk is the Ikea Linnmon.

  • Standing or desk tripod - Amazon has great affordable options.

My Tips for Filming Yourself Studying

At first it’ll feel weird, but you’ll get used to a the camera being there. You’ll even forget it’s there.

I recommend not looking at the camera while you study. Just make sure it’s pointing at a good angle and focused where you want it to be focused on.

Press record and study.

If you’re going to be looking or talking into the camera, remember that you don’t want to look into the viewfinder (if you have one). Look into the camera lens when you’re talking.

This will allow you to connect with viewers. They’ll see your eyes looking at them instead of at the camera screen (means you’re looking at yourself).

Editing Your Study With Me Video

Study with me videos don’t require too much editing, but if you want to share what tools you’re using or studying, you can add text on screen with iMovie.

You can also add music backing, but make sure it’s not distracting. Remember, people are studying with you.

I like Soundcloud and Free Music Archive for royalty free music. Research Creative Commons licensing so that your videos aren’t flagged by YouTube. They can get annoying, even if you are using royalty free music (music you can use for free as long as you follow their rules).

Now, let’s get to studying!

Study With Me Video Library (will be updated as new videos are created)

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Study With Me Video Library PLUS Tips on Making Study Videos