5 Blogging Niches That Make Money

A niche is a specialty. Choosing which niche to specialize in can be really frustrating. What if you want to blog about everything? Well, I'll tell you about niches that make money.


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Depending on who you ask, they might tell you that you've got to niche down or that you don't have to. I've tried both and have gone back and forth between niches to see what I liked better and how readers responded. In all honesty, if you write something that's useful, it doesn't matter what niche you're in. However...

Choosing a Blog Niche

There are so many to choose from. As a blogger, you can write about anything under the sun, moon and stars. The world is your oyster sort of deal. From beauty, fashion, food, travel and lifestyle to personal finance, crafting, DIYing, and girl bossing, the choices are endless.

If anyone tells you it's a saturated market in any niche, they're full of it. There's no such thing when it comes to blogging. Everyone has something valuable to say. If you don't know how to bring that value out - well, that's another issue.

To choose a niche, you just figure out what people problems you want to solve. What are people searching for? Everybody wants a solution to their problems. You don't necessarily have to have experience with it, but it's helpful if you do. Either way, you can learn, see what works and write about it. Just keep in mind that your solution to a problem is what people will find value in. That's it. Solve other people's problems and make money.

The choice is yours, and here's a secret - if you try something and don't like it, you can change your niche. *GASP* I know, right? Mind blown.

How Blogging Brings in the Money

As a blogger, you have options on how you want to make money. Without going into it too much, here are a few ways to make money blogging:

  • Affiliate Marketing - You promote something someone else created/made/sells and receive a commission for each sale. Rates go from 1-75% usually, depending on the program. Check out how I made over $350 through affiliate marketing in 30 days.

  • Sponsored posts - Get paid to write about stuff on agreed terms.

  • External Ads - You place ads on your site and the company/program pays you per clicks and/or views.

  • Internal Ads - Ads are placed by you (ie. fellow blogger, brand, person wants their logo/banner on your sidebar)

  • Courses - People sign up for courses you create.

  • Membership Site - You create a membership site where people can gather together or learn from the resources you and other members provide.

  • Many, many more

5 Blog Niches That Make Money

Not all niches have the same potential to bring in money. Some topics are just more profitable than others, and that's just due to the fact that those are what people are needing solutions for. Also, not all niches bring in money the same way.

You can't really write a course about lifestyle blogging, but you can get tons of sponsorship and affiliate opportunities with it. Once you select a niche, you've just got to know how to work the system. Because there is indeed a system.

Here are 5 niches that make money - and some super cool peeps

  • How to Make Money Blogging - I know...I know. But there it is - everyone wants to know how to make money from blogging. It's profitable for those who know how to attract an audience and deliver results.

    • Mariah Coz - Ultimate Femtrepreneur. Courses are difficult to make and even more difficult to make them successful. Mariah knows her stuff, and she is not shy. Got a course idea? Femtrepreneur is where you need to be.

  • Paul Scrives aka "Scrivs" - Mentor to the Billionaire Blog Club and Dare to Conquer community. If you're dead serious on making this blogging thing work, there is no other way to do it the right way.
  • Personal Finance - You'd think it's weird that a topic that teaches you how to manage your money will make money from those trying to save money. It's not though. When you're in tune with how personal finance works, you realize that everything your money goes towards is considered an investment. Those successful blogging about personal finance know how to present their products in a light that makes people think - I need to invest in that.

    • Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - If you need someone to learn from, Michelle has mastered Affiliate Marketing and making money on top of money. She's just a huge force in blogging about money with her Making Sense of Cents blog.

  • Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle - I gave you three right there (you're welcome). These niches go well together, so you can mish-mash them as you please. Bloggers in this niche make the most of sponsorships, partnerships and advertisements. This area requires more socializing, so if you're into that sort of thing, you might do well here.

    • Jemma Humphreys - Colorful and Creative, Jemma has done quite a bit with her Dorkface brand. She talks about life, blogging, runs an Etsy shop, and leads #thegirlgang.

    • Maria J - from beginner to killin' it in lifestyle blogging. I remember Maria when she was just trying to figure out her jam, and now, she's rubbing elbows at blogging events and rocking sponsorships.

    • Kallie Branciforte - But First, Coffee and Caffeinate and Conquer are Kallie's blog brands that she's grown and nurtured from wee little Blogspot blogs to full-grown Boss Blogs. Oh, and she has over 200K Youtube subscribers too!

Check out How to Start a Beauty Blog!

  • Health and Fitness - Now, here is something we know most people are willing to pay for. People want to be healthy and get fit, and they want a fast way to do it. Successful Health and Fitness bloggers know how to grab you by the dumbbells and get you to work. They are sensitive to the emotions that surround health and fitness, so they are able to pull your heartstrings too.

    • Carly Rowena - I'm not into health and fitness blogging, but even I know that Carly Rowena is the shit.

  • Food and Drinks - Some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that can help me be better in the kitchen. Food blogs make most of their money from advertisements and sponsorships, because they can easily achieve high traffic. Other ways to make money are not so simple, because when you go on a food blog, you just read, grab the recipe and go. If they can keep you coming back, then they've got you.

    • Heather - Sprinkle Bakes is the most delicious food blog I've ever seen, and she keeps me coming back for all her recipes. I've been a fan since 2013, and I drool every time I visit her blog. Done.

    • Lindsay - Pinch of Yum is another familiar name, yes? She quit teaching to blog full-time and hasn't looked back.

Start Small and Grow

To really have a successful blog, read this post here where I talk all about it. In this post today, I showcased bloggers who are at different levels of success with their blogs. I hope you know that it takes tremendous amounts of work to get to where you want to be. However, the rewards are worth it - so very much worth it.

Just think about it - you wake up in the morning and check your email to find a few (maybe several) hundred bucks popped into your account while you slept.

It happens to me and to so many others, and it is such an awesome feeling. You want this, and I want you to have this. I'm sharing with you everything that I know, so that I can help you get there.

You've got to have the right support system, and if you're in need of a group of blogger friends who are damn-determined succeed, then Dare to Conquer (Formerly Billionaire Blog Club) might be for you. We are serious about this blogging stuff. Come join us, and it just might be the best thing for your blog that you ever do. I know it's the best decision I made for mine.

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