Create Catchy, Click-Worthy, Beautiful Pinterest Pin Graphics for Your Blog Posts

Blogger friends! Creating catchy Pinterest pin graphics can be really time-consuming, so I'm sharing my best tips as well as a freebie you can't refuse!

48 Free Graphics: Create Beautiful Pinterest Pin Graphics

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Importance of Pinterest Pin Graphics

Pinterest is one of the major sources of traffic for many, many websites. If you haven't used Pinterest to promote your blog posts, you are seriously missing out on some major incoming traffic potential.

The key to great marketing is to appeal to the senses. You grab 'em by the eyeballs with your Pinterest pin graphics!

Think of these things when you're designing your pin graphics:

  • Descriptive words - What are people searching for? What problem are you solving?

  • Colors - Bright colors draw people's eyes into your image. Even if they're just browsing, they'll be able to see bright colors and automatically look towards it. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

  • Layout - Don't make things too cluttered or use too many elements. Keep it simple and easy to see and understand.

SCENARIO: Imagine yourself surfing the internet for the answers to these burning questions in your mind: How to make money with your blog? 

You come across a post that says: How to make money with your blog.

Next to it, you see this post: The 10 Strategies I Used to make $25,473.98 with My Blog in One Month!

Create Catchy, Click-Worthy, Beautiful Pinterest Pin Graphics BAD POST EXAMPLE
HOW TO Create Catchy, Click-Worthy, Beautiful Pinterest Pin Graphics BETTER EXAMPLE

Which one will you be more tempted to click? The second one, right? I know I'd click that in a second, because I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO THE THINGS.

Be clear, descriptive and specific. 

Creating Pinterest Pins for Blog Posts

There are many ways to create attractive pin graphics. In my Free 5-Day Blogging Bootcamp, I show you how to make beautiful pin graphics from scratch. Essentially, you'll need a photo editing program like Canva, which is free, Picmonkey, or something like Photoshop.

When I create my pin graphics, I use Photoshop, because I have it, and I've always used it. It is how I created these graphics that I'm sharing with you. 

As you think about designing your pin graphics, keep in mind the optimal sizing for Pinterest. Rumor has it that Pinterest tends to promote pins that are posted straight from a website, adhere to the size limitations and provide thorough descriptions of what the pin graphic is leading to. 

The current optimal size for a pin graphic is a tall 600 pixels (width) by 900 pixels (height). Everything else is fair game. The design is yours to play with.

Finding the Right Words for Pinterest Pin Graphics

If you've used keyword tools, you'll know that they can be a lifesaver when it comes to figuring out which words to use for your next blog post. There are tools as Google Keyword Planner, but I find Ubersuggest loads easier to use. It doesn't require logging in - just type and research.

My best tip is to stay within the 1000-3000 search volume, high cpc and low competition. I'm not completely sure it's the best way, but it's how I do it right now. Strategies always change, so be sure to experiment with what works best for your blog.

48 Free Pinterest Pin Graphic Backgrounds

Yup, you got it. I put together these gorgeous pin graphic backgrounds ready to house and promote your killer blog posts!

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These pin graphics are already sized to Pinterest optimal levels, so all you've got to do is add the text. Pull up the images in your photo editor or Canva to add catchy titles and descriptions.

48 Free Catchy, Click-Worthy, Beautiful Pinterest Pin Graphics

I hope you enjoy these Pinterest pin graphics, and I hope that they help you proudly promote your amazing blog posts! 

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Create Catchy, Click-Worthy Pinterest Pin Graphics