Full Review of Dare to Conquer and How It Helped Me Grow My Blog

It’s a brand new year, and we have goals to crush. Here’s my full review of Dare to Conquer to help open up your options to get where you want to be.

Full Review of Dare to Conquer and How It Helped Me Grow My Blog

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What is Dare to Conquer?

It’s the Billionaire Blog Club - exploded.

Dare to Conquer (DTC) is a path to help you conquer the things to meet your goals for your online business, whatever that business is. Blog, website, online store, whatever it is, DTC was created for it.

It is run by Paul Scrivens (Scrivs) and his wonderful assistant Marybeth Santos (queue glorious magical music).

Paul Scrivens has been doing this a long time, and since he’s obsessed with trying new things, testing them and sharing his journey, he’s a great person to learn from - mistakes and all.

How Dare to Conquer Has Helped Me

If you haven’t read my Billionaire Blog Club review, check it out too. I also have a full review on Elite Blog Academy that’s gotten a bit of attention.

Dare to Conquer has helped me open my eyes to see the bigger picture. I used to worry a lot about people coming to my site and interacting with it, but now, my goals are different.

This blog is about 10 months old, and I’ve doubled my daily pageviews after I stopped stressing about them. I also have an Etsy shop that is gaining some traction and acts as an extension of my blog.

I used to think that my blog was where I needed to focus on, but really, it’s just a starting point.

Also, I never thought I’d make money from my blog, but I managed to make $2700 in 10 months without doing much more than posting about the things that I love.

Who’s going to complain about that?

Not I, my friend.

Why You Should Join Dare to Conquer

If you’re tired of shopping around for the next product that’s going to help you grow your blog, or feeling like a sucker because you bought something from some big blogger who’s not really helping you get to where you want to be, then Dare to Conquer might be for you.

I know Elite Blog Academy opens up shop around this time, so if you have that on your mind, check out my full review first.

People tell me all the time that they wish they saw it first.

Dare to Conquer is for people who are ready to take those next steps to growing their online business. If you’re not ready, think about it. When you are ready, come back and join us.

Why You Shouldn’t Join Dare to Conquer

Like everything else, Dare to Conquer is not for everyone. First of all, the price is most definitely not for everyone.

However, the price is that way for a reason.

So many people have come to Scrivs for help, and he needs less people to help. The people who will come are the ones who are VERY determined to get things done.

They’ve made an investment, and they’re going to stick to the goals - or waste their money. We don’t want any wasting around here.

Don’t go into debt for DTC or ANYTHING. Save up, and come back later.

If you can’t afford it, subscribe to the YouTube Channel - free information that’s SUPER useful to help get you started and give you some ideas. You can also join his mailing list, where he dishes out a bunch of motivational inspo Scrivs’ style.

Other offerings from DTC and formerly BBC:

Why I Promote Dare to Conquer

I love Scrivs and Marybeth, because they have helped me when I was lost and confused, and even now, they continue to be there for me when my head is not on right. I am ever-so-grateful for them and all the growth that I’ve experienced while being a part of the Billionaire Blog Club and Dare to Conquer.

You will not find a more in-depth, thorough place for blogging and online business than Dare to Conquer. It has anything and everything that you will ever need to get your online business, blog, website, Etsy shop to where you want it to be.

It makes me happy to see people choose this path to help grow their online business, because I know that they’re getting all the information that is out there as well as HOW TO USE IT AND IMPLEMENT IT.

Your mentor should guide you - and that’s exactly what they do in Dare to Conquer. Guide, help, and hold your hand when it’s you against the world.

So what do you say? Are you ready to conquer those goals?

If yes, come join us!

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Full Review of Dare to Conquer and How It Helped Me Grow My Blog