How to Make Money with Your Beauty Blog

One of the most profitable blog topics is beauty. Today, we're talking about how to make money with your beauty blog, even if you just started.


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People who don't blog, or haven't for very long, don't really understand the financial potential a blog has. I've had some curious individuals ask me to explain how exactly you can make money from a blog.

I know beauty blogging very well, so here's a post about generating income through it.

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What is Beauty Blogging?

Beauty blogging involves writing about beauty topics. Some writers like to include fashion, hair and nails into beauty, and you totally can do that too.

Some beauty blogging topics include:

  • Product reviews and features

  • First impressions and wear tests

  • Budget beauty vs. Luxury

  • Empties sharing

  • Money-saving tips and tricks

  • Beauty hacks

Ways to Make Money with Your Beauty Blog

If  you haven't heard yet, you can make money with your beauty blog - or any blog for that matter. It's all in your strategy and how you follow-through with your plan.

Some ways to make money with a beauty blog:

  • Sponsorships - working with companies to provide content, reviews and promotions

  • Internal advertisement - selling ad space on your blog to other bloggers and companies

  • External advertisement - working with Google Adsense, AdThrive, MediaNet, Mediavine, etc.

  • Affiliate marketing - promoting and selling products for other creators, brands and companies

  • Create a product - create a product and sell it

How to Get Sponsorships with Brands

In a nutshell, you ask them. Sometimes, it's as simple as sending the PR contact an email saying how much you enjoy their products and would like an opportunity to work with them. 

You can find brand PR contacts on Twitter, Instagram and on their websites. 

Sometimes, brands will contact you with offers, a lot of them unpaid. While I have major issues with doing free work for companies, in the end, it is your call. Whatever you think is best for you and your brand - you do you.

To get brands to notice you, share, share, share! Take nice photos and share them on social media talking about them. Post reviews on your blog, and promote the posts. Be sure to tag the brands and use hashtags, so that they have an opportunity to see your work. 

This doesn't guarantee any sort of acknowledgment, but it'll get your stuff seen, even by other people surfing through brand hashtags. 

Working with Advertisements on a Blog

For internal advertisements, you can simply create a page on your blog that states your offerings - fees, ad space size, time span and promotion plan (2 Retweets, 1 Instagram feature). Match your pricing to the amount of work you'll be doing as well a the amount of exposure you'll be providing your clients.

When signing up for external advertisement with large ad networks, you'll need to apply and be accepted into their program.

MediaNet is the easiest to get into. Adsense can be difficult depending on the age of your blog and how well you follow instructions. AdThrive and Mediavine are more boutique ad networks that pay very well and have stricter requirements. 

If you apply and don't get in the first time, don't be discouraged. Places like AdThrive will usually provide recommendations. Work on them, and try again. 

Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Promoting other people's products can be rewarding, whether its another blogger or a large brand. The only recommendation I have is to be very sure you know what you're promoting and be honest.

Don't just sell something for the sake of making a buck, because that's just a jerk move.

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Where you can find Affiliate Marketing opportunities:

If you're into purchasing products other bloggers have created, like courses and manuals, they usually have an affiliate program. If you love their product, ask if you can be an affiliate. It never hurts to ask.

Creating Your Own Product

The most lucrative way of making money on your beauty blog is to create your own product. This way, you have control over the content, the price and the life of the product. 

How can you determine what kind of product to create? Ask your audience. 

You can do this in the form of your blog newsletters. If you haven't thought of sending out newsletters, you really should. It's an excellent way to keep in touch with your readers and know what they do and don't like. 

Keeping this line of communication is essential to knowing what it is you can create to help them solve their problem. 

So there you  have some ideas on how to make money with your beauty blog. I hope you've found this post helpful.

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