Are They Worth it or Not - Paid Blogging Courses and How to Choose

Is it really worth it to pay for blogging courses? Well, I guess that depends on what you're looking to get out of the course.


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I have paid for quite a few blogging courses. Some focused on Pinterest, and others focused on blogging better and best practice strategies. So what did I think of them? Here's where I share the nitty gritty, honest and cold truth about are paid blogging courses worth it and my review of the Elite Blog Academy.

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About Paid Blogging Courses

If you do a Google and/or Pinterest search on paid blogging courses, you're going to find an enormous list of options. There are courses that are more focused, and there are courses that provide a more general overview of blogging. The prices range from $1.00 to $1,000's of dollars, depending on who created the course.

Many courses are written by bloggers who have been blogging for a long time. However, there are also many courses created by bloggers who have completed paid blogging courses that have taught them how to create a blogging course with the idea that you can create a course about anything, even if you're not an expert. Shocking, right? It's true, though! There is so much out there that is written by the "Fake it until you make it" crowd. If I am honest, I'm sure you know a few of them and have purchased their courses.

Know What to Expect

When you are researching a blogging course, you have to read the fine print and disclaimers. Many will claim this and that, and you should expect them to follow through on their promises. Also, read the refund disclosure. Some courses are non-refundable, while others have strict terms like course completion within a certain amount of time in order to qualify for the refund.

If you don't receive what you are promised, I strongly recommend you reach out to the creator and discuss it. If you are still feeling like you've been ripped off, ask for a refund. A respectable creator won't give you a hard time. If they do, then there's probably something going on there.

Also, many times you sign up for a course, because you respect the creator and want to learn from them. One of the biggest things I've learned was that you aren't always working with the creator, even though they promise that "they're only accepting so many students so that they can focus on helping you." Often times, you're stuck with their course manager instead. I find this extremely disappointing, as you aren't paying hundreds of dollars to get help from someone who didn't write the course.

The Elite Blog Academy - An Honest Review

I rarely complain, but this course gets me fired up - beware. Earlier this year, you all know that I had signed up for the EBA. I was so excited that I was able to scrounge up enough money to get in this year (I'm poor. I didn't have money to waste on maybes and empty promises).

Here's the deal. EBA opens for registration once a year for about a week. The course cost me $797. For a huge chunk of not-change, I expected so much from this course. It's created by Ruth Soukup, a well-known blogger from several years back and managed by her management team.

Why did I sign up? Well, honestly, I was really gung-ho for blogging at the start of 2017. I was determined to make it my living. However, after going through EBA, I realized that many blogging course creators are just in it for the money that they get. They aren't really there to help. They know that there's a market out there for people looking to make this their career - people who don't know where to even begin, people like me and you.

All you get, though, is a bunch of regurgitated information that is easily "Google-able" but made to look more complex than it actually is. Even then, it doesn't really help you get anywhere. That is, unless you sign up to be an affiliate, sell, the course for them, and EBA promotes you like nobody's business. I'm not promoting them. No freaking way.

What I expected from the Elite Blog Academy was to learn from Ruth and to have her guide us through the course, if ever we were to get stuck. She did create it after all. However, not one time in the several times that I emailed her did I get any response from her. I emailed and messaged a few times and tried to join the EBA Facebook group for weeks to no avail. I kept getting kicked off or ignored. It wasn't until I threw a fit to Ruth's email did I receive a response from the EBA Manager. Not Ruth herself, unfortunately. I felt like a sucker, to be honest. When the manager finally added me onto the Facebook group, I noticed that it was just the EBA students helping each other out. More disappointment and still, no Ruth to be seen.

I messaged another huge course creator, Mariah Coz, about being present for her students in her courses, and even she responded to me via private message before Ruth ever did - Wait... that's right. Ruth never responded to me. So you can bet your ass, I'd support the hell out of Mariah's content, and I do. If you want to master course creation, Mariah is your Femtrepreneur.

What I learned from the Elite Blog Academy

I learned that people like that really piss me off. You throw yourself out there. People buy your course, because they believe in YOU. When they need YOUR help, YOU are nowhere to be found. Who knows. Maybe Ruth isn't a real person. I've never heard from her, even after paying her $797 bucks. Obviously, I asked for a refund after this ridiculous experience. The catch was that I had to complete the entire course and all the assignments within 180 days before I was eligible for a refund.

If I weren't me, then I'm sure getting that refund would've been impossible or at least really, really difficult. However, I work my ass off in everything I do. I was so serious about this course, and I put everything into it. Still, I didn't receive any of the results that they claimed we should see. I completed everything in about 3 months, even though it should have taken me 9-12 months, as per the program guidelines.

Do you see where this gets weird? They say it should take me 9-12 months to complete the entire course, but she was only offering refunds if you completed it in less than 6 months (180 days). I felt like that strategy is extremely shady, but hey, for some people, it's just business. Another thing is the reviews people post about EBA. They're all affiliates. I have yet to see a negative review, and maybe it's because people are scared to write anything negative about something so huge.

Good thing, IDGAF. This was my experience, and it is not something I wish on anyone, especially at a time when people are struggling to scrape by. So if you're looking for a bunch of information without any support but have to pay almost $1000 for it, then EBA might be for you. I go into more detail here (aka full review and lots more venting).

Check out my full review of Billionaire Blog Club, now Dare to Conquer (DTC).

Are Paid Blogging Courses Worth It

After my EBA experience, I became extremely wary of blogging courses. I was determined to not buy into them anymore. However, I did find a guy that started a blogging evolution called the Dare to Conquer (Formerly Billionaire Blog Club) that is fascinating, and I signed on to the $79 tier when it was in its early baby stages. Why? Because he is insanely kind and ridiculously helpful.

Time and time again, Paul Scrivens has proven to care about the people he sets out to help through BBC. I have interacted with him and the entire group of people who bought into the group so much since I joined. There is no other group like it. They are helpful and so dedicated to blogging. It is such an inspiring experience. I'm not even an affiliate, but who cares.

UPDATE: I am now an affiliate! He actually let me in, and I feel so very lucky. FYI, you can join us too! I talk more about BBC in this post .

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