Review of Billionaire Blog Club - Now Dare to Conquer

My full, honest review of Billionaire Blog Club, now DTC - Dare to Conquer

Alas, it is time to write this piece, and while you know that I love BBC, I'm going to tell you why I do and why you will too.

Review of Billionaire Blog Club - Now Dare to Conquer

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UPDATE: BBC is now DTC, Dare to Conquer. You get all the BBC good stuff (Scrivs, Marybeth, the Community and Learning Tools) and MORE.

BBC is a lot of things. It's a blogging experience created by Paul Scrivens, aka Scrivs, that helps you transform your hobby into a business you love. Those are his words. 

To me, BBC is everything you'll ever need to succeed in blogging. If you're looking to make money blogging, then BBC is what you need. However, if you're only blogging as a hobby and don't want to take it too seriously, then BBC won't be for you.

There are currently 1,000+ at the last count, and we are still growing.


What Do You Get from DTC/BBC

You get a ton of things from BBC. There are courses for each area of blogging - from starting up to promotion and marketing and how to set up your accounts so that you're drawing in people to your blog. 

There are challenges that you can take up to help you reach your specific goals:

  • Gain your first 1K subscribers

  • Get 10,000 pageviews

  • Create your first product

  • How to make $1000 with your blog

Scrivs has updated a bunch of things on BBC, and I'm very proud to say that he tries to keep all of the information relevant. Things are popping and changing all of the time, and it helps to know that the community leader as well as other members of the BBC community are on top of it to share their knowledge. 

If you need help with someone on a personal level, Scrivs is always a Slack message or email away. Of course, he has a life too, but he always makes time to help out. All you've gotta do is ask. 

Here are some of the current courses you can take in BBC:

Some of the paid courses are available individually (see the links above), but if you can afford to buy into the entire BBC program, I really do recommend it, because the value is incredible. If not, the singular courses and free content are outstanding as well.

What Makes BBC Better Than Other Programs

BBC is better than other programs because the strategies are tried and tested and retested by Scrivs and by us within the community. Scrivs runs 13+ blogs from which bring in over $75,000 (see his February Income Report), and the information he shares in his courses and books is exactly what he does to generate that income.

He wants us to reach those goals and gives us all the information, step by step. Find someone else who is that honest with their strategy.

There isn't anything he hides from us, and he is always there to help and answer questions through email or the Slack community chat - and we ALWAYS have a ton of questions.

Going into the Slack community, everyone is extremely supportive and very welcoming. We all have the same goal - to make money from our blogs. Therefore, we're all willing to help each other out in whatever way we can. When I say there is no community out there that is better than BBC, I mean it.

You won't find one.

I've looked, and many of them are filled with competition and drama - we aren't down for that. We're here to grow and make money, so that's what we're doing.

How BBC and Dare to Conquer Have Helped My Blog

UPDATE: Dare to Conquer has been live for a few months now, and I can STILL say that I’m receiving the same support and benefits from the Billionaire Blog Club AND SO MUCH MORE.

There are a ton of new courses and things to learn from Scrivs as well as from the entire community as a whole. Everyone is constantly asking questions and sharing their input, and we are all growing from the experience.


I've been a part of BBC since August 2017. It has been quite an interesting time of growth. I started with one blog that opened in December 2016, and this year, I closed that one and started a brand new one, fresh out of the box. 

Using the BBC strategies that I learned, I was able to boost my blog page views and earnings to way more than I ever did on my first blog. 

With BBC, I was able to make a couple extra thousand bucks from blogging. It may not sound like much, but when you've never made anything from blogging, that sounds so magical to me. 

BBC has helped me look at blogging in a whole new light. It has also shown me that there is a kindness in people that I rarely see outside anymore. These people want to help and share and grow with you. They cheer for you, for your goals, and they push you with friendly competition.

It's amazing, and you should be a part of it.

What BBC Is Not

BBC and Dare to Conquer is not a place for those who aren't serious about making money blogging. There are many courses and free information out there that are cheaper and less intensive for hobbyists. 

It's not for people who can't take the cursing and direct approach that Scrivs has. If you have a problem with cursing and straight up honesty, then BBC may not be your cup of tea. 

Also, BBC is not like EBA. I've become known for having one of the only completely negative reviews about Elite Blog Academy (EBA) here and here, and I'm okay with that. We aren't all going to like the same things, and also, we're entitled to our opinions.

You can read more about my thoughts on EBA here, if you're interested. This post is for BBC.

Why BBC is Now DTC

BBC closed in September, and now DTC (Dare to Conquer) has taken over. Everything is the same but also MORE. All the people are still hanging out and chatting on Slack, and courses are getting pumped out to help our blogs grow to where we want them to be.

DTC is also now focusing on businesses other than blogs - so if you’re looking to succeed in a self-made business, even if you’re not planning on blogging, let the DTC program help you.

Scrivs will be giving a show-all on how he goes about making his businesses successful, and we are all there for the ride and show. Come join us!

How Do You Sign Up for DTC


Am I an Affiliate for BBC, DTC

Heck yeah!!! If you love BBC, you can be an affiliate too once you get the hang of everything. Being an affiliate for BBC is great, because I don't even have to try - I just talk about my experiences and how much BBC and DTC have helped me and my blog grow.

That's all you've got to do. If you love something this much, just be honest and everything else comes easily.

Finally, it's done. My full review of BBC and DTC. I hope you've found this post useful and think about joining us. If you do, hop on Slack and say hello to us all!

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Honest Review of Billionaire Blog Club - Now Dare to Conquer